The author presents KyPlot -- a software package for statistical data analysis and visualization. This software is designed for end-users and it is intended to provide the user an integrated environment in which the user can enter, manipulate and analyze data with a broad range of statistical methods in an interactive manner, and visualize the results in form ready for publication and presentation. KyPlot is a stand-alone Windows application with standard multiple document interface. KyPlot support many types of 2- and 3-dimensional graphs. A number of graph fitting methods can be utilized: linear and nonlinear regression based on least squares or maximum likelihood methods, polynomial regression, B-spline fitting, piecewise polynomial interpolation and surface interpolation. KyPlot provides standard statistical procedures, such as various parametric and nonparametric tests, regression analysis, procedures for multivariate analysis (principal component, factor, discriminant and canonical correlation analysis) and for survival analysis.

Keywords for this software

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