LEXIGRAM: A functional lexico-grammatical tool for knowledge engineering. This paper gives a detailed description of the LEXIGRAM project, which aims to combine the possibilities of three existing systems: PROFGLOT, ASCOT and LINKS. In the PROFGLOT project a multilingual NL processing system has been developed, based on the theory of functional grammar (FG), which so far contains only relatively small lexicons for illustrative and exemplifying purposes. Within the ASCOT and LINKS projects tools have been developed for retrieving, analysing and interpreting the information contained in large-scale machine-readable dictionaries. The combination and integration of these systems will yield a lexico-grammatical tool LEXIGRAM, which will be used to develop a domain-specific knowledge base. First the present state of the PROFGLOT system is described, in particular the form and content of its lexical module. Next, we discuss the types of information that are extracted from existing MRDs in the ASCOT and LINKS systems, and we show how the various systems can be integrated into one LEXIGRAM system. Finally we describe how such a system can be used to build a NLP system relating to a domain- specific knowledge base.

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