IPM is a specialized interior-point code for multicommodity network flows developed by Jordi Castro. The algorithm is specially appropriate for large and difficult multicommodity problems (such as the PDS -Patient Distribution System- ones). There are two versions of the code, both of them free of charge for academic/research purposes. The first one makes use of the Sparspak package by George and Liu. To obtain this version just get this file, gunzip and untar it on the directory where IPM will be installed, and read the README file that will be obtained. The second version uses the more efficient Sparse Cholesky package developed by E. Ng and B. Peyton. To obtain this more powerful version of IPM, get this file, gunzip and untar it on the directory where IPM will be installed, and read the README file that will appear. Note that to use this second version of IPM you need the permission of the authors of the Sparse Cholesky package (you can send a message to E. Ng). (Source: http://plato.asu.edu)

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