Notes on optimization software. This paper is an attempt to indicate the current state of optimization software and the search directions which should be considered in the near future. There are two parts of this paper. In the first part I discuss some of the issues that are relevant to the development of general optimization software. I have tried to focus on those issues which do not seem to have received sufficient attention and which would significantly benefit from further research. In addition, I have chosen issues that are particularly relevant to the development of software for optimization libraries. In the second part I illustrate some of the points raised in the first part by discussing algorithms for unconstrained optimization. Because the discussion in this part is brief, the interested reader may want to consult other papers in this volume for further information. In both parts my comments are influenced by my involvement in the MINPACK project and by my experiences in the development of MINPACK-1 [cf. the author, B. S. Garbow and K. E. Hillstrom, ACM Trans. Math. Software 7, 17-41 (1981; Zbl 0454.65049)]. (Source: http://plato.asu.edu)

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