Efficient Numerical Pathfollowing Beyond Critical Points The paper discusses methods for the computation of solution paths of a nonlinear system F(y)=0, F:D⊂R n+1 →R n with rank F’(y)=n for y∈D. In particular, for the corrector iteration the Gauss-Newton method is used where the QR-factorization of the Jacobian is computed only once and thereafter a rank-one update is applied. The choice of the steplength of the predicted step along the tangent line is theoretically analyzed in terms of the convergence properties of the corrector. Then the detection and determination of critical points is discussed including, in particular, the computation of simple bifurcation points and branch switching at such points. Some numerical comparisons illustrate the efficiency of the implementation of these techniques in the authors’ continuation code ALCON. ALCON1: (Al)gebraic system of equations (Con)tinuation method. Pathfollowing method for parameter-dependent nonlinear systems of equations, without using the analytical Jacobian of the system, and without computation of bifurcations: ALCON2: (Al)gebraic system of equations (Con)tinuation method. Pathfollowing method for parameter-dependent nonlinear systems of equations, using the analytical Jacobian of the system, and with computation of simple bifurcations. (Source:

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