MPDATA: A finite-difference solver for geophysical flows. This article is a review of MPDATA, a class of methods for numerical simulation of fluid flows based on sign-preserving properties of upstream differencing. MPDATA was designed originally as an inexpensive alternative to flux-limited schemes for evaluating the advection of nonnegative thermodynamic variables (such as liquid water or water vapour) in atmospheric models. During the last decade, MPDATA has evolved from a simple advection scheme to a general approach for integrating the conservation laws of geophysical fluids on micro-to-planetary scales. The purpose of this paper is to summarize the basic concepts leading to a family of MPDATA schemes, to review existing MPDATA options, and to demonstrate the use of MPDATA to effectively construct two distinct types of models (elastic and anelastic) for complex geophysical flows. $copyright$ Academic Press

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