Equation Grapher and Regression Analyzer

Equation Grapher is a function plotting and analyzing program. It allows you to draw graphs like y=2x and y=sin(x+10)-cos(x). It is possible to have up to 12 graphs plotted at the same time. Once you have plotted a function, Equation Grapher automatically finds roots, maximum/minimum, intersections etc. It can also calculate and view integration area.Regression Analyzer is an analyzing and curvefinding program for statistical data. The program handles the usual regression models such as linear, logarithmic, exponential and power etc. It also supports polynomial models and multiple regressions. To find the best model for your data, simply use the auto function that finds the best model instantly. In the log window next to the graph you will get all necessary information, such as equation and correlation.In both programs you can change the range of the graph, either by using the built in zoom functions, or by manually typing in the range values. If you like, you can copy the graph window and paste it into your word processor. Of course, it is possible to save your work and continue at another time.Both programs are easy to use and are well documented with pedagogical help files. With this package you have all you need for drawing and analyzing graphs and statistical data. (Source: http://mathres.kevius.com/software.htm)