MultInt, a MAPLE package for multiple integration by the WZ method. Starting from the MAPLE implementation TRIPLE INTEGRAL written by D. Zeilberger to describe the WZ-method [see H. S. Wilf and D. Zeilberger, Invent. Math. 103, No 3, 575-634 (1992; Zbl 0782.05009); see also the preview Zbl 0739.05007)] for the case of three continuous variables, the author in the present paper describes a MAPLE package MultInt which improves and generalizes Zeilberger’s TRIPLE INTEGRAL for any specific number of continuous variables so that it completely implements the continuous version of the multi-WZ method. Several examples showing how this package MultInt can be used to generate proofs of identities (or recurrences) involving multiple integrals of proper-hyperexponential functions, are also given.