Vooduu: verification of object-oriented designs using UPPAAL The Unified Modeling Language (UML) provides sequence diagrams to specify inter-object communication in terms of scenarios. The intra-object behavior is modelled by statechart diagrams. Our tool Vooduu performs an automated consistency check on both views, i.e., it verifies automatically whether a family of UML statecharts modelling a system satisfies a set of communication and timing constraints given as UML sequence diagrams. The front-end of the tool is implemented as a plug-in for a commercial UML tool. For verifying, statecharts and sequence diagrams are translated to the formalism of timed automata. The tool generates temporal logic queries, which depend on an interpretation status for each sequence diagram. The verification is performed by the model checker UPPAAL. The results are retranslated into sequence diagrams. Thus the formal verification machinery is mainly hidden from the user. The tool was applied to a model of the control software of a robot prototype.

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  1. Diethers, Karsten; Huhn, Michaela: Vooduu: verification of object-oriented designs using UPPAAL (2004)