EdgeIdeals: a package for (hyper)graphs An edge ideal is a square-free monomial ideal where the generators of the monomial ideal correspond to the edges of the (hyper)graph. An edge ideal complements the Stanley-Reisner correspondence (see SimplicialComplexes) by providing an alternative combinatorial interpretation of the monomial generators. This package exploits the correspondence between square-free monomial ideals and the combinatorial objects, by using commutative algebra routines to derive information about (hyper)graphs. For some of the mathematical background on this material, see Chapter 6 of the textbook Monomial Algebras by R. Villarreal and the survey paper of T. Ha and A. Van Tuyl (”Resolutions of square-free monomial ideals via facet ideals: a survey,” Contemporary Mathematics. 448 (2007) 91-117).