Ariadne is a library for computation with hybrid automata under development by a joint team including University of Udine, PARADES, CWI, and University of Verona. The goal is to build an open and easily extensible package that features basic data structures and operators to support analysis and synthesis of systems described with hybrid automata. The ARIADNE computational kernel is written using generic programming, in which mathematical concepts, such as real numbers and continuous functions, can be implemented by different concrete types presenting the same (or similar) interfaces. In this way, we can write algorithms which work with any type having the same interface, and even if a type does not implement the full interface, some algorithms may still be available for that type. The advantage of this approach is that it greatly facilitates extensions: new types can be freely added as long as they conform to the syntax and semantics of the concept; new algorithms can be plugged-in to work with the new types, and user-defined algorithms can replace the algorithms supplied with the tool.

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