CRYPTALL: System to encrypt all types of data. We have developed a software prototype for encrypting all types of data such as text files; word documents; PostScript and PDF documents; web pages; images, sound and movies. This software can be used to build a secure virtual organization, such as a virtual education, using a networked e-learning system. The encryption tool is based on a combinatorial algorithm of walking on a graph of high girth. The general idea is to treat vertices of a graph as messages and arcs of a certain length as encryption tools. The encryption algorithm has a linear complexity and it uses nonlinear functions for encryption, thus it resists to different types of attacks of adversary. The first package “CRYPTIm” (abbreviation of encryption of text and image data) based on the above-mentioned graph theoretical ideas was implemented in the network of the University of the South Pacific serving for 11 remote countries in Oceania. It uses the ASCII code as alphabet, so it was working with only “txt” and “html” files. CRYPTALL uses the binary code alphabet -- thus it is universal: encrypting all types of data. CRYPTALL uses new families of graphs, it is implemented in JAVA.