CoLoSS: The Coalgebraic Logic Satisfiability Solver CoLoSS, the Coalgebraic Logic Satisfiability Solver, decides satisfiability of modal formulas in a generic and compositional way. It implements a uniform polynomial space algorithm to decide satisfiability for modal logics that are amenable to coalgebric semantics. This includes e.g. the logics K, KD, Pauly’s coalition logic, graded modal logic, and probabilistic modal logic. Logics are easily integrated into CoLoSS by providing a complete axiomatisation of their semantics in a specific format. Moreover, CoLoSS is compositional: it synthesises decision procedures for modular combinations of logics that include the fusion of two modal logics as a special case. One thus automatically obtains reasoning support e.g. for logics interpreted over probabilistic automata that combine non-determinism and probabilities in different ways.

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