This is an implementation of the Schwerdtfeger--Fillmore--Springer--Cnops construction (SFSCc) based on the Clifford algebra capacities of the GiNaC computer algebra system. SFSCc linearises the linear-fraction action of the Möbius group. This turns to be very useful in several theoretical and applied fields including engineering. The core of this realisation of SFSCc is done for an arbitrary dimension, while a subclass for two dimensional cycles add some 2D-specific routines including a visualisation to PostScript files through the MetaPost or Asymptote software. The package is realised as a C++ library and there are several Python wrapper of it, which can be used in interactive mode. This library is a backbone of many results published in several works of the author, which serve as illustrations of its usage. It can be ported (with various level of required changes) to other CAS with Clifford algebras capabilities. There is an ISO image of a Live Debian DVD which can be used to boot a computer with i386 architecture or run inside an emulator, e.g. Virtual box. This library is now a part of a wider MoebInv project: