TestEra: A novel framework for automated testing of Java programs We present TestEra, a novel framework for automated testing of Java programs. TestEra automatically generates all non-isomorphic test cases within a given input size and evaluates correctness criteria. As an enabling technology, TestEra uses Alloy, a first-order relational language, and the Alloy Analyzer. Checking a program with TestEra involves modeling the correctness criteria for the program in Alloy and specifying abstraction and concretization translations between instances of Alloy models and Java data structures. TestEra produces concrete Java inputs as counterexamples to violated correctness criteria. The paper discusses TestEra’s analyses of several case studies: methods that manipulate singly linked lists and red-black trees, a naming architecture, and a part of the Alloy Analyzer.

This software is also peer reviewed by journal TOMS.

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