PreSSAPro is a software, available to the scientific community as a free web service designed to provide predictions of secondary structures starting from the amino acid sequence of a given protein. Predictions are based on our recently published work on the amino acid propensities for secondary structures in either large but not homogeneous protein data sets, as well as in smaller but homogeneous data sets corresponding to protein structural classes, i.e., all-alpha, all-beta, or alpha-beta proteins. Prediction results are improved by the use of propensities evaluated for the right protein class. PreSSAPro predicts the secondary structure according to the right protein class, if known, or gives a multiple prediction with reference to the different structural classes. The comparison of these predictions represents a novel tool to evaluate what sequence regions can assume different secondary structures depending on the structural class assignment, in the perspective of identifying proteins able to fold in different conformations. The service is available at the URL \url{}.

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