Originally the software consisted of 17 Mathematica Packages written by Alfred Gray (1939 - 1998) in connection with his book ”Modern Differential Geometry of Curves and Surfaces” and collected in a directory named CandS. These packages are written in Mathematica version 2.2 or 3.0. Clearly, to be used today, they need an adaption to Mathematica version 9.0. For the four most important of Gray`s packages this adaption has been done by Rolf Sulanke. Thus now, with the software CandS, we have more than 200 functions (or ”miniprograms”), applicable to calculate the basic Euclidean differential invariants of curves and surfaces and to present these graphically. A catalog of 200 parameter presentations of curves, and a catalog of 200 parameter representations of surfaces collected by Alfred Gray complete the software as a useful tool for Mathematica users in education and engineering. Examples of applications of the miniprograms are given in the notebook CandS-1.nb of Rolf Sulanke which can be used as a starting point for working in Euclidean differential geometry with Mathematica. This notebook, the adapted and Gray`s not adapted packages are packed into the zip-file which can be downloaded from the URL of the software, where also a detailed description of the software can be seen.

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