mathStatica: Mathematical Statistics with Mathematica The present book proposes a professional approach to the statistical theory from the computational and mathematical point of view, using the powerful computer software Mathematica as support for the advanced numeric and symbolic computations. Mathematica is not just a specialized statistical package (like SPSS, Gauss, Systat, SAS, S-Plus, etc.), but much more: Mathematica provides both a (arbitrary-precision) numerical engine and a powerful symbolic/algebraic engine oriented to problem solving in mathematical statistics. Mathematica is running on a wide variety of computer platforms; the present book is bundled with the special software package mathStatica, an add-on to Mathematica, a sophisticated toolset specially designed for doing mathematical statistics (enclosed on the two attached CD-ROMs). Addressed at researchers, students, and professional practitioners with a good knowledge of mathematical statistics, the focus of this book is on problem solving rather than mathematical theorems and proofs, using the mathStatica and Mathematica packages to bring mathematical statistics to real life

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