SOM toolbox for Matlab 5. Why? The ”SOM Toolbox” project was initialized back in 1997 because there was no such thing as a proper SOM-library for MATLAB. MATLAB is a magnificient computing environment, but the tools in its neural networks toolbox for SOM were not really up to the state-of-the-art. On the other hand, the freeware SOM program package SOM_PAK is all well and good, but it’s not nearly as flexible as the MATLAB environment. So the plan was to offer a simple, well documented MATLAB function package which is easy to use and modify in the diverse needs that different people unavoidably have. Who? Numerous people have participated in the making of SOM Toolbox. In addition to the people listed in the copyright notice, Kimmo Kiviluoto, Jukka Parviainen, Mika Pollari have participated in it, not to mention those who have contributed code, given bug reports or other feedback. The common factor for us is to have been employed in the Laboratory of Information and Computer Science in the Helsinki University of Technology.

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