FunctionAdvisor - provide information on mathematical functions in general The FunctionAdvisor() command returns basic instructions for the use of the FunctionAdvisor function. The FunctionAdvisor(topics) command returns the list of available FunctionAdvisor topics. The FunctionAdvisor(function) command returns a summary of information related to the function function. The FunctionAdvisor(Topic, function) command returns information related to the topic Topic for the function function. The requirement concerning mathematical functions is not just computational. Typically, you need supporting information on definitions, identities, possible simplifications, integral forms, different types of series expansions, and mathematical properties in general. This information is in handbooks of mathematical functions like the one by Abramowitz and Stegun. You can now access this information directly from Maple, using the routines in the MathematicalFunctions package and the FunctionAdvisor command. This command is particularly useful when studying, teaching, and solving problems where mathematical function properties are relevant. Using the FunctionAdvisor command, you can access mathematical language information easily that is both readable and directly usable in Maple mathematical computations. The FunctionAdvisor command provides information on the following topics.

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