QMRPACK: A package of QMR algorithms. The quasi-minimal residual (QMR) algorithm is a Krylov-subspace method for the iterative solution of large non-Hermitian linear systems. QMR is based on the look-ahead Lanczos algorithm that, by itself, can also be used to obtain approximate eigenvalues of large non-Hermitian matrices. QMRPACK is a software package with Fortran 77 implementations of the QMR algorithm and variants thereof, and of the three-term and coupled two-term look-ahead Lanczos algorithms. In this article, we discuss some of the features of the algorithms in the package, with emphasis on the issues related to using the codes. We describe in some detail two routines from the package, one for the solution of linear systems and the other for the computation of eigenvalue approximations. We present some numerical examples from applications where QMRPACK was used.

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