SEEStat is a system that enables users to easily conduct operational and performance analyses of massive datasets; in particular, datasets representing operational histories of large service operations (e.g. call centers, hospitals, internet sites), as available through the SEELab server. In addition to analysis, the SEEStat system can automatically create sophisticated reports in Microsoft Excel, which can support research and teaching. Both SEEStat and the SEELab Server were developed at the Technion, Israel Institute of Technology. More information on the SEELab can be found at the Service Enterprise Engineering (SEE) homepage. You will now be lead through steps to establish your SEE account on the SEELab server. As a first step, you will obtain your SEE ID and Password (the latter is to be personalized). Then, you could use your ID and Password to access the SEEServer in order to use SEEStat, store results of your analysis in your personal SEE account (up to 100MB per user), and more.

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