Communication Benchmarks: COMMS1 and COMMS2 The purpose of the COMMS1, or Pingpong, benchmark [22,10] is to measure the basic communication properties of a message-passing computer. A message of variable length, n, is sent from a master processor to a slave processor. The slave receives the message into a Fortran data array, and immediately returns it to the master. Half the time for this message pingpong is recorded as the time, t, to send a message of length, n. In the COMMS2 benchmark there is a message exchange in which two processors simultaneously send messages to each other and return them. In this case advantage can be taken of bidirectional links, and a greater bandwidth can be obtained than is possible with COMMS1. In both benchmarks, the time as a function of message length is fitted by least squares using the parameters ( nhalf) [16,19] to the following linear timing model: ...

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