Stampack: Sheet metal forming simulation software. With more than 15 years performing process simulations in the metal forming industry, the Stampack Tryout Solution is nowadays an advanced, multipurpose and multistage simulation software into a single software suite. Sectors covered are automotive, aeronautics/aerospace, transport, metal packaging, home appliance, electronic instruments and other sectors. Several forming processes can be validated and checked, starting from a flat or shaped blank or a tube or a profile and reproducing the different forming stages, including forming, ironing, cutting, flanging, stretching, rolling, as well as computation of spring-back or spring-forward for tooling compensation. Stampack is practical software oriented to product and process design engineers so that knowledge and experience of finite element analysis (FEA) is not required. Most of the simulation definition work is automated leaving engineers to concentrate on the engineering problems and solutions rather than on the numerical parameters.

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