SystemC: From the ground up. SystemC provides a robust set of extensions to C++ that enables rapid development of complex hardware/software systems. This book focuses on the practical uses of the language for modeling real systems. The wealth of examples and downloadable code methodically guide the reader through the finer points of the SystemC language. par This work provides: A step-by-step build-up of syntax; NEW features of SystemC 2.1; Code examples for each concept; Many resource references; Coding styles and guidelines; Over 52 downloadable code examples (over 8,000 lines); Exercises throughout the book; How SystemC fits into the system design methodology; Why features are as they are.par Well-known consultants in the EDA industry, both David Black and Jack Donovan have been involved in the adoption and teaching of new technologies and methodologies for a combined total of 42+ years. Recently, they jointly founded a consultancy, Eklectic Ally, focused on helping companies adopt SystemC methodologies.

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