AnT 4.669

On the software package AnT 4.669 for the investigation of dynamical systems. A software package for the simulation and investigation of the behavior of dynamical systems called AnT is presented. Due to its flexible architecture, AnT is able to simulate various classes of dynamical systems, e.g. maps, ordinary and delay differential equations, etc., as well as many sub-classes derived from these. A main feature aimed at during the development of AnT is the support of the investigation of the dynamics of the simulated systems with several provided investigation methods, like e.g. period analysis, Lyapunov exponents calculation, generalized Poincaré section analysis, symbolic image analysis and much more. Another important feature of AnT are so-called scan runs, i.e. the ability to investigate a dynamical system by varying some relevant influence quantities, such as the control parameters, initial values, or even some parameters of the investigation methods.