Sycraft (SYmboliC synthesizeR and Adder of Fault-Tolerance) is a tool for transforming distributed fault-intolerant programs to distributed fault-tolerant programs. In Sycraft, a distributed fault-intolerant program is specified in terms of a set of processes and an invariant. Each process is specified as a set of actions in a guarded command language, a set of variables that the process can read, and a set of variables that the process can write. The issue of distribution is addressed in shared-memory model where processes are constrained by their ability in reading and writing program variables. Given a set of fault actions and a safety specification, the tool synthesizes a fault-tolerant program via a symbolic implementation of respective synthesis algorithms [BK07]. Sycraft has successfully been used to synthesize some of the classic protocols in the literature of fault-tolerant computing in distributed systems (e.g., Byzantine agreement, token ring, etc.).