We present SARAG, which is a software library for real algebraic geometry written in the free computer algebra system Maxima (see SARAG stands for “Some Algorithms in Real Algebraic Geometry” and has two main applications: extending the capabilities of Maxima in the field of real algebraic geometry and being part of the interactive version of the book “Algorithms in Real Algebraic Geometry” by S. Basu, R. Pollack, M.-F. Roy [Berlin: Springer (2006; Zbl 1102.14041)], which can be now freely downloaded. The routines of the library deal with: theory of signed sub-resultants, linear algebra, gcd computation, real roots counting, real roots isolation, sign determination, Thom encodings, study of the topology of curves. At the moment SARAG is being used as a tool to develop, implement and tune algorithms coming from new research results, e.g. an algorithm for faster gcd computation, an algorithm for the study of the topology of curves over non-Archimedian real closed fields.