CUMODP (CUDA Modular Polynomial) Library: The CUMODP Library implements arithmetic operations for dense matrices and dense polynomials, primarily with modular integer coefficients. Some operations are available for integer or floating point coefficients. Typical operations are matrix determinant computation, polynomial multiplication (both plain and FFT-based), univariate polynomial division, the Euclidean algorithm for univariate polynomial GCD, subproduct tree techniques for multi-point evaluation and interpolation, subresultant chain computation for multivariate polynomials, bivariate system solving. The main functionatilies of the CUMODP Library are written in CUDA. The CUMODP Library includes a supporting C library called MODPN. The CUMODP library aims at supporting the BPAS library which is written in CilkPlus targeting multi-core processors. However, each of the BPAS library and CUMODP library can operate independently of each other.