The design and implementation of SOLAR, a portable library for scalable out-of-core linear algebra computations. SOLAR is a portable high-performance library for out-of-core dense matrix computations. It combines portability with high performance by using existing high-performance in-core subroutine libraries and by using an optimized matrix input-output library. SOLAR works on parallel computers, workstations, and personal computers. It supports in-core computations on both shared-memory and distributed-memory machines, and its matrix input-output library supports both conventional I/O interfaces and parallel I/O interfaces. This paper discusses the overall design of SOLAR, its interfaces, and the design of several important subroutines. Experimental results show that SOLAR can factor on a single workstation an out-of-core positive-definite symmetric matrix at a rate exceeding 215 Mflops, and an out-of-core general matrix at a rate exceeding 195 Mflops. Less than 16 % of the running time is spent on I/O in these computations. These results indicate that SOLAR’s portability does not compromise its performance. We expect that the combination of portability, modularity, and the use of a high-level I/O interface will make the library an important platform for research on out-of-core algorithms and on parallel I/O.

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