Development of web application for LaTeX plotting software KETpic. KETpic is a macro package for Computer Algebra System (CAS) to convert plot data created by CAS to LaTeX picture data. We are able to draw fine pictures in LaTeX documents with aid of KETpic. At the present stage, KETpic packages for Maple, Mathematica, Scilab, Maxima and Matlab are opened to the public and the number of people who gain benefits of KETpic is increasing. However how to produce LaTeX picture data is to enter commands on CAS. In order for as many people as possible to use KETpic more intuitively, we developed a graphical user interface (GUI) for KETpic. This time we developed a web application for further increase of KETpic user who do not have CAS. The web application is developed by Maple worksheet and MapleNet server. We can generate a fine picuture for LaTeX without CAS anywhere.

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