ParFUM - Parallel Framework for Unstructured Meshing. The ParFUM framework makes it easy to write adaptive parallel programs that utilize unstructured meshes. Programs can be written in Fortran90, C, or C++. ParFUM is the successor to FEM. ParFUM is designed to allow for mesh modification, including refinement and coarsening. Using the ParFUM framework also allows you to take advantage of all the features of CHARM++, including run-time instrumented load balancing, performance monitoring and visualization, and checkpoint/restart, with no additional effort. A parallel ParFUM application written using the ParFUM framework closely resembles a sequential program. The difference is that in the ParFUM framework, the user’s main subroutine operates on one of the many ”chunks” of the unstructured mesh. These chunks are created from the serial mesh using, for example, the Metis graph partitioning library.

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