WHICHRUN: a computer program for population assignment of individuals based on multilocus genotype data. WHICHRUN, a C++ computer program that uses multilocus genotypic data to allocate individuals to their most likely source population, is presented. This program runs on Windows 95, 98 or NT (including Macintosh emulations of these operating systems) and has no specific hardware requirements. WHICHRUN provides a variety of methods for evaluating population assignments, including maximum likelihood, jack-knife and critical population routines. It also provides resources for converting data into formats required for the population-based Statistical Package for Analysis of Mixtures (SPAM). WHICHRUN requires baseline genotype data for all potential source populations, as well as genotype data for candidate individuals for which population origin is to be determined. Data should be provided in ASCII format. WHICHRUN may be downloaded from http://www-bml.ucdavis.edu/which-run.htm.

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