SPICELib is an object-oriented model library, written in the Modelica language, that implements some of the modeling and analysis capabilities of the circuit simulator PSpice. A novel approach has been adopted in the SPICELib design. It arises from considering that the reasons behind the success of PSpice include: the quality of the device models, the variety of supported analyses and the good performance of the numerical simulation. As a consequence, SPICELib is conceived to mimic not only the PSpice device models, but in addition PSpice capability to perform a variety of circuit analyses and the PSpice algorithms to calculate the circuit bias point, which is the most problematic analysis from the numerical standpoint. The fundamental hypotheses and the architecture of SPICELib library are discussed, in addition to the modeling of the supported analyses and devices. A case study is fully developed, in order to illustrate SPICELib use and validation. SPICELib version 1.1 (release October 2003) is free software, and it can be retrieved from the website: http://www.modelica.org/Conference2003/papers.shtml.