HighSpec: a tool for building and checking OZTA models. HighSpec is an interactive system for composing and checking OZTA specifications. The integrated high level specification language, OZTA, is a combination of Object-Z (OZ) and Timed Automata (TA). Building on the strength of Object-Z’s in specifying data structures and Timed Automata’s in modelling dynamic and real-time behaviors, OZTA is well suited for presenting complete and coherent requirement models for complex real-time systems. HighSpec supports editing, type-checking as well as projecting OZTA models into TA models and Alloy Models so that TA model checkers-UPPAAL and the Alloy Analyzer can be utilized for verification. Most importantly, HighSpec supports a novel yet effective mechanism advocated by OZTA for structural TA design, i.e., using a set of composable timed patterns to capture high level timing requirements and process behaviors and generate the TA part of model in a top-down way. HighSpec can also generate LaTeX document as an alternative media for the spread and read of established OZTA models.

This software is also peer reviewed by journal TOMS.

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