QUASY: Quantitative synthesis tool We present the tool Quasy, a quantitative synthesis tool. Quasy takes qualitative and quantitative specifications and automatically constructs a system that satisfies the qualitative specification and optimizes the quantitative specification, if such a system exists. The user can choose between a system that satisfies and optimizes the specifications (a) under all possible environment behaviors or (b) under the most-likely environment behaviors given as a probability distribution on the possible input sequences. Quasy solves these two quantitative synthesis problems by reduction to instances of 2-player games and Markov Decision Processes (MDPs) with quantitative winning objectives. Quasy can also be seen as a game solver for quantitative games. Most notable, it can solve lexicographic mean-payoff games with 2 players, MDPs with mean-payoff objectives, and ergodic MDPs with mean-payoff parity objectives.

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