Embedded Security: CycurLIB - Cryptographic Software Library. CycurLIB includes very efficient implementations of common cryptographic functions. Conform to MISRA and ANSI, CycurLIB fulfills the high security standards of FIPS. CycurLIB is commonly used in many high-volume products, e.g. in the automotive industry and the automation industry, in medical equipment, consumer electronics and machine building. CycurLIB provides relevant cryptographic algorithms optimized for code-size while satisfying stringent performance-constraints. CycurLIB can easily be used to make your products more secure, e.g., by verifying signatures to determine the authenticity of the origin of data or by encrypting data to ensure confidentiality. CycurLIB is highly configurable to the customer’s needs, meaning that only the necessary algorithms can be used.

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