BaPCod is a prototype code that solves Mixed Integer Programs (MIP) by application of a Dantzig-Wolfe reformulation technique. The reformulated problem is solved using a branch-and-price (column generation) algorithm. The specificity of this prototype is to offer a “black-box” implementation of the method: the input is the set of constraints and variables of the MIP in its natural/ compact formulation; the user specifies which of these constraints and variables define the subsystems on which the decomposition is based (it is handy to test different decompositions); the reformulation is automatically generated by the code, without any input from the user to define master columns, their reduced cost, pricing problem, or Lagrangian bound; a default column generation procedure is implemented that relies on an underlying MIP solver to handle master and subproblem but the user can upload a specific subproblem solver; a branching scheme that preserves the pricing problem structure is offered by default; it runs based on priorities and directives specified by the user on the original variables; default primal heuristics and preprocessing features are under developments.

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