ProjectionCAD is a Maple package developed by the team at the University of Bath. The primary developer is Dr. Matthew England and feedback and bug reports should be reported to him at The package produces CADs via the traditional approach of projection and lifting. This is in contrast to the built-in Maple CAD command which uses the theory of Regular Chains. However, ProjectionCAD does make use of many RegularChains commands and can give output in the same format. The code can produce CADs which are: sign-invariant, order-invariant, invariant with respect to equational constraint and truth-table invariant. There are also commands for choosing the best problem formulation for the CAD algorithms. [England13a] describes how this package is the only implementation of McCallum’s delineating polynomials and the only package to offer order-invariant output. [England13b] describes how the equational constraints commands offer not only improved projection but also improved lifting, as well as extensions to the original TTICAD algorithm.