Geometry Expert (GEX) is a software for dynamic diagram drawing and automated geometry theorem proving and discovering. As a dynamic geometry software, GEX can be used to build dynamic visual models to assist teaching and learning of various mathematical concepts. As an automated reasoning software, we can build dynamic logic models which can do reasoning themselves. 1) Geometry Expert (GEX) is a powerful computer program for geometric reasoning. Within its domain, it invites comparison with the best of human geometry provers. It implements most of the effective methods for geometric reasoning introduced in the past twenty years, including the deductive base method, Wu’s method, the area method, the Groebner basis method, the vector method, and the full-angle method. With these methods, users may automated prove geometry theorems, to discover new prrperties of theorems, and to generate readable proofs for mant geometry throerms. 2) By dynamic visual models, we mean models built by computer softwares that can be changed dynamically. With GEX, we can build four classes of dynamic visual models: geometric transformations, loci generation, diagrams of functions, and loci generation.

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