One of the most important advantages of logic programming systems is that they allow the transparent exploitation of parallelism. The different forms of parallelism available and the complex nature of logic programming applications present interesting problems to both the users and the developers of these systems. Graphical visualization tools can give a particularly important contribution, as they are easier to understand than text based tools, and allow both for a general overview of an execution and for focusing on its important details.\parTowards these goals, we propose VisAll, a new tool to visualize the parallel execution of logic programs. VisAll benefits from a modular design centered in a graph that represents a parallel execution. A main graphical shell commands the different modules and presents VisAll as an unified system. Several input components, or translators, support the well-known VisAndor and VACE trace formats, plus a new format designed for independent and-parallel plus or-parallel execution in the SBA. Several output components, or visualizers, allow for different visualizations of the same execution.