CiME is a rewriting toolbox. Distributed since 1996 as open source, at URL . Beyond a few dozens of users, CiME is used as back-end for other tools such as the TALP tool developed by Enno Ohlebusch at Bielefeld university for termination of logic programs; the MU-TERM tool ( slucas/csr/termination/muterm/ ) for termination of context-sensitive rewriting; the CARIBOO tool (developed at INRIA Nancy Grand-Est) for termination of rewriting under strategies; and the MTT tool ( duran/MTT/ ) for termination of Maude programs. CiME2 is no longer maintained, and the currently developed version is CiME3, available at . The main new feature of CiME3 is the production of traces for Coq. CiME3 is also developed by the participants of the A3PAT project at the CNAM, and is distributed under the Cecill-C licence.

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